Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May Favorites

Hi beauties! Kinda late with the May Favorites, but I still wanted to do this post. Monthly Favorites are one of my favorite post to write/read. Also, one of the reason that I haven't blogged for a while is that my computer can't connect to the wireless-whatever-you-call-that properly. It's almost as if other places in the house I can have some wireless but not in my room. I have Windows 8, and tbh, I'm still not quite used to that. I've been using other Windows all my life and they we're all quite similar and W8 is completly different. Ugh.

In the month of May, I haven't really adventured in buying new beauty products. I don't know if I can exactly say this but I'm kinda in a spending ban. I'm trying to rediscover beauty products in my overly excessive makeup collection. But anyhow they are still some new products here. (makeupaddictprob). So enough with the blabbering, let's jump right into May Favorites.

Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit: For the past few weeks, I have been using Revlon Brow Fantasy. But I rediscovered one of my favorites, this brow kit is amazing. I use brow 1 and as you can see I used it alot. It's the perfect shade for my brows and the application is just flawless. 

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Boho Chic: This is also one of my rediscovered beauty product. I really like cream blushes for Summer and this is one of a few that I own. For a full review, I have one on blog which you can read here.

Wet n' Wild Blush in Heather Silk: This is also one of my love for Summer. It gives a glow/dewy look, which I really like for Summer. This blush is really pigmented so I would suggest you apply it with a light hand. The texture is really soft and buttery. It's a matte plummy pink shade.

Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude: I'm sure you've all heard about this little gem. I won't say much other than it's the perfect nude color to put on your waterline, looks better and less harsh than a white eyeliner.

Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia: First off, I will start by saying that I'm sad that we only get to have 2 out of the 4 Nivea lip butters. If I base myself off of this one, it's super moisturising and the smell, is divine!

Revlon Pink in the afternoon super lustrous lipstick: This is one of my favorite lipstick for summer, or just one of my favorite ever. This is one of the lipstick that I will repurchase, it's a staple in my collection! It's a warm pink shade with a hint of coral I would say. It is subtle while still being noticeable if that makes sense. Just the perfect color for Spring and Summer. I really like the application of this lipstick.


  1. ive been meaning to pick up the scandaleyes in nude! thanks for reminder haha :)


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