Monday, November 30, 2015

Five things

post signatureHere's a list of five things that made me smile lately. :)

1 | Feeling more well rested
2 | Being more productive on the blog
3 | Discovering new songs & listening to new cds while driving
4 | Cleaning, organizing & rediscovering things I had
5 | Thinking that Christmas is so soon & getting really in the Christmas spirit. I literally wanna watch all the Christmas movies and eat candy canes. I started Christmas shopping today and bought a Christmas CD, yup.

- Caroline x 

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Yves Rocher | Haul

Hi everyone! Lately I've slowly started shopping a bit... it's the effect Christmas has on me haha! I'll show you what I bought at Yves Rocher, a store I love... Yves Rocher is an amazing store that has amazing products/offer. You basically always get tons of gifts, free products, 50% off of some products, samples, it's heaven for a beauty lover like me. Their product are amazing as well. Many of them are staples of mine. So anyways, here's what I bought/received as a gift, the last time I visited Yves Rocher...

3 min. Cranberry Cooling Effect Mask | I've been wanting to try this one for a while. During the winter time, a mask that makes my face looks glowy/radiant? uhm, how about yes?

Micellar Cleansing Water | This is staple for me. Much more affordable than Bioderma. This removes everything and smells so good. Leaves my skin feeling fresh and revitalized. It feels great on the skin. I love that you can use it on your eyes/face/lips. I need an endless supply of this.

Apple Delight Shimmering body lotion | This was a free gift. It smells amazing, apples and vanilla? Yum.  Can't wait to try it. A shimmering body lotion, sounds nice for the holidays!

Hydra Vegetal Moisture Boost Serum | As I don't have a Yves Rocher in town, whenever I'm there it means stocking up time! So naturally, I had to get one of my favorite serum. This is a repurchase for me. I had one half off and one as a free gift! YAY :) 

Spicy Vanilla Shower & Bath Gel | Anything vanilla speaks to me. This one smells delicious and I cannot wait to try it during the holidays.

Organic Vanilla Shower Gel | I have the body mist of this and I adore the smell. I wanted to buy a full size body wash to try it, but the girl at the counter told me I could get a free small one of various scents, so I took this one.. of course!

Free bracelets & a coin gold and black bag, samples of Sebo Vegetal Mattifying Gel Cream & comme une Evidence perfume

Next up are the Fizzy bath cubes; I've been wanting to try one for a while, so I picked some up! I picked: Raspberry, Vanilla & Apple Delight! Can't wait to try them!! I'm gonna try one tonight, not sure which one yet... :) 

Hope you enjoyed looking through my haul! If you love Yves Rocher as much as me, please feel to let me know your favorite products in the comments! :) xx

- - Caroline xo

Check out this amazing brand by clicking right here! x

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tag: A little bit about me...

Hello everyone,
I feel like doing a tag, so here it is...

(image from

Red or White Wine? I like red, but I think I prefer white.
City or Countryside? I like both, but probably city.
Cats or Dogs? Dogs.
Sweet or Savoury? Savoury
Dresses or Jeans? Both
Heels or Flats? I like heels but I feel too tall with them :( so flats I guess
Beyonce or Taylor Swift? ooh, hard one. But I have to say Taylor. Swiftie for life!
Tea or Coffee? Coffee! But I like some teas as well, specially iced tea :)
Divergent or Hunger Games? prob Divergent
Blog posts or YT videos? Both!
Skincare or Make-up? Both!
Night or Morning? I'm more of a night person, but I do enjoy mornings when I got enough sleep and I'm in no rush and I can just chill :)
Pizza or Burgers? Pizza
Books or Magazines? Both
Facebook or Twitter? Both
Summer or Winter? Summer
Digital or Film Photos? Digital

What is your favourite....?
City? New York, probably haha
Book? so many
Movie? so many, but I'm gonna say Save the last dance and The Last Song :)
TV Show? too many, but um, Gossip Girl?!
Perfume? Probably Vera Wang Night Princess - I'm sadly running low on this one though!
Nail Polish? prob OPI You don't know Jacques! - a classic
Skincare item? anything from Origins
Lipstick? One? this tag is hard, probably MAC Brave
Foundation? Not too sure on this one
Food? Sushi, sushi, sushi! I want to eat it everyday haha
Dessert? cheesecake
Place to eat in London? I've never been there but I'm sure there's many amazing restaurants over there!
Alcoholic Drink? Wine, rum, Mixed girly drinks ;)
Non Alcoholic Drink? Probably some flavoured sparkling water, chocolate milk...
Actor/Actress? Johnny Depp and Emma Stone
Singer/Band? Adele or Ed Sheeran.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Probably my blog :)

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An actress

What are some things that scare you?

What was your life like growing up in high school?
Kinda blurry, haha, it went by so fast, I still have a hard time thinking I've been out of there for 4 years...

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
I actually think I'm an extroverted introvert...

Caroline ♥

Friday, November 27, 2015

Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in Tiki

post signatureHi beauties! Hope you all had a lovely week. 

So, today I'll be reviewing one of the product I love for this season: the Hard Candy So Baked Bronzer in Tiki. 

This light bronze golden champagne highlighter has been said to be a dupe for MAC's Soft & Gentle; which a way cheaper alternative! This highlighter is perfect for a bronzey, glowy look. Hard Candy calls it a bronzer, but I see it as a highlighter... 

What I love about this highlighter is that it looks really natural, but you can also build it up. I use it on my cheekbones and sometimes under my eyebrows, but you can use it on your cupids bow, nose and any other area you'd like to highlight.

For the prize, you get a quality product and a never-ending quantity of it. It's super easy to work with and it last all day as well. It's shimmery but not glittery.

- Caroline x

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