Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tag | 40 questions

Can you tell I've been loving tags, lately? Here goes another one!

1. Three words about me: understanding, honest, creative

2. The first thing I do in the morning: Check what time it is.
3. When I hear music on the radio: Mostly dance. Sometimes sing.
4. I'm looking forward to: probably going to Montreal soon!
5. My wardrobe is full of: shirts.
6. When I have to get dressed up: I always want to create a new outfit but end up being too much in a rush, so I just put an outfit that works.
7. I passionate about: Beauty - Fashion - Magazines - Reading - Writing - Travelling - Shopping - Camping - Photography - Guitar - Music - Concerts - Nature - Art - Culture - Pop culture - Graphic Design - Blogging - Social Media - YouTube - and more... haha!
8. A little secret about me: I can't think of that right now haha!
9: I feel at my best: when blogging!
10. In the coffee shop I order: probably a iced coffee, cappucino, normal coffee or like a frappucino. I love to try new things! :)
11. In the bar I order: probably a cocktail, or rum n' coke, wine or something with vodka
12. In a group of friends I am: the awesome one hahaha!
13. Within the family, I am: the loud one that is always talking
14. I can not live without: music
15. Children are: something that I would like to have one day
16. At night: I go to bed too late, it's currently midnight, oopssss! 
17. In my bag I have: wallet, lip balm, hand creams, keys and phone.
18. Training is: something that I would like to do more
19. Policies are: needed in every day life.
20. Love is: the most important thing
21. In Autumn: It's an amazing season. Take pictures | cute clothes | candles | chilly walks
22. By my bedside I have: too much stuff!
23. In the kitchen I: love to cook/bake
24. I'm worst at: being patient
25. I'm best at: being understanding and honest
26. I love: life! 
27. What I want with my life: be happy, travel, make my dreams come true :)
28. I admire: bloggers that are really dedicated.
29. The best thing I know: "All we have is right now"
30. Unusual habit: I can't think of that...
31. I am a member of: -
32. I believe in: chasing your dreams
33. You may not know that: I am french
34. In the evening I: do lots of things
35. As a friend, I am: understanding, supportive, loyal
36. When I have free time: I visit new places
37. When I'm at work: I am focused
38. You're allowed to lie if: you have a secret you're not able to tell yet...
39. In five years I am: 27 ahh omg.
40. In ten years I am: 32, woah!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Beauty Blogging Tips

  • Keep up with makeup trends & trending beauty products.
  • Watch Youtube videos from beauty gurus.
  • Read beauty blogs.
  • Keep up with social media; Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest...
  • Take pictures of your products in bulk.
  • Try to use different beauty products everyday, so you can get inspired and have more content (reviews, etc...)
  • Learn how to edit your pictures. (No need to use something complicated like Photoshop, Picmonkey will do...)
  • Read magazines to find inspiration.
  • Go on Bloglovin'; don't just read beauty blogs, look through other categories to give you some inspiration
  • Share your post on Twitter using #bbloggers, also join the chats!
  • Comment on other blogs as well.
  • Connect your blog through Bloglovin'.

Hopefully this was helpful! Do leave me other tips as I am always learning as well! 

Caroline x

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

To Do in August.

Hi everyone!

Already August? Where did the Summer even go? I feel like it only started 2 days ago, haha! Here, we haven't been granted with our usual summer weather for June & July; which is kinda sad. August, we're counting on you!

1. Work more on my blog. Wether, it be posting, taking pictures, using social media, etc...

2.  Exercise + take walks. I really would like to workout atleast 3-4 times, and try to take a walk mostly everyday!

3.  Eat more healthy. Cause Pinterest. There's tons of interesting recipes I need to make.

4. Go to beach & pool. Need I say more?

5. Go to the cinema & bowling.

6. Take more photos, up my photography game, for my blog & Instagram too!

7. Read books & magazines.

8. Tan. I need it!

9. Go on a road trip.

10. Go see a concert.

11. Play beer pong. Cause Summer?

12. Get a new hair cut + get my ombre hair again!

13. Do a water fight.

14. Do a fire. Smores though!

15. Go out with friends.

16. Organize my room.

17. Do tye dye shirts.

- What do you want to do in August?

Caroline x


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