Monday, May 27, 2013

REVIEW & SWATCHES | Maybelline Baby Lips

Hi beauties! Today I will be doing a review on the Maybelline Baby Lips. I am sure that you've seen blogger/gurus rave about these! As you are probably all familiar, they are a sheer tinted lip balm with wonderful smells and cute packaging. They have 6 original ones: 2 sheers, 4 with a tint (yes, I have all the 6 originals). They also have some limited editions one.

As I mentioned, the packaging is ADORABLE. For the name, Baby Lips, they really do make your lips baby soft while giving color to your lips without being too much. Those lovely lipbalms makes it seem like your wearing lipgloss without being sticky. The 6 original ones (6 first ones in the picture) contains spf 20, and I believe the limited edition ones doesn't contain spf (atleast the two I have don't). These are perfect for the upcoming summer, because they have spf and are really light and hydrating on the lips.

They are really easy to work with and they apply nicely. They are thin but they do not feel greasy on the lips.

Pigmentation: In the original Baby Lips they are two clear ones. The rest have a tint to them. They are not pigmented like lipsticks that's for sure. They are called lipbalm for a reason, I would call them balm with a tint. Some are more pigmented than others. The most pigmented one out of the one I have, I would say is Fruit Punch. The least pigmented I would say is Coral Crush, on my lips its almost inexistant; in the tube it looks super bright as Grape Vine, that looks like a super dark purple which in fact are not that pigmented. So don't be scared of the color in the tube, cause they are way more sheer on the lips.

Scents: One thing that Baby Lips is known for is their scents. And yes, infact, they have lovely smells. I'm not the best at describing scent especially with words so I won't even try. But the smells are quite similar to what they are named after like Fruit Punch, well, smells like Fruit Punch. The clear Baby Lips also have a smell Quenched smells wonderful; I can smell some lemon; I'm not a big fan of lemon but there's something about Quenched that makes me happy. Peppermint smells like well, strong peppermint which I absolutely adore.

How long do they stay on the lips?: This one is kinda of a bummer. They certainly do not last all day. They last about 3-4 hours for me. But on the positive side, it's really easy to apply anywhere/anytime without a mirror, since the application is super easy. Don't be scared of ending up with clown lips with those! ahah!

Original Baby Lips: 
Pink Punch: Pigmented cool tone pink
Cherry Me: Warm pink
Grape Vine: Dark purple wine
Peach Kiss: Shimmery nude on the frosty side
Quenched and Peppermint: Clear *not on picture above*

Limited Edition Baby Lips:
Yummy Plummy: Brownish and plum shade
Coral Crush: Bright red orange

I love them all, but if I had to choose favorites, I would pick: Cherry Me, Peach Kiss and Yummy Plummy.

To conclude, I am super happy about my Baby Lips collection. For about 3 dollars, you really cannot go wrong with these. Super hydrating, nice smell, spf20, cutest packaging and nice colors. What more could you ask for?

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  1. The colors are so eye-catching! They draw me right in :)

  2. ahhh wish these were available in uk! xx

  3. I'll have to try these! My friend mentioned that she loved them to me as well! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  4. I have heard so many good things about these, too bad they are not in Uk stores :( x

    1. awh that's a shame! hope you get it someday :)

  5. I love these! :) They look so pretty and cute as well, nice post


  6. wow you have so many! :D Great post.

    Frankie x

  7. My dad bought me the peach kiss for my birthday, and it's amazing, I didn't want to buy one because there such hype around it, but they are spot on!

    1. i adore peach kiss - its actually one of my fave xxxx :)


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