Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Blog | sparkle this city in 2015

Well the year 2014 just flew by, it seems. I don't know about you but I have a feeling that 2015 will be an amazing year- hoping I'm right!

In 2014 I received my first PR samples - so exciting! Can't wait to see what 2015 will bring.

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Its very similar to last year, but here are some of my blog goals for 2015:

1. Blog more/be more organized.
I need to blog more. But I feel like I always have something else to do and I just can't blog. Which makes me very sad. So I need to try to always have post ready in advance. Try not to go a week without posting as well. Post at least 10-15 posts a note. On top of that, use my organiser/journals/make lists to not get overwhelmed.

2. Different posts.
I want to blog more about other interests of mine/more lifestyle posts.

3. Read more blogs.
Read and discover more blogs. Often I don't get the chance to read blogs and end up having weeks worth of blog posts to read! Also want to comment more and use Bloglovin more!

4. Improvements.
No matter what, one can always improve writing skills, organization, photography & editing skills. There is always, always, something new, something to learn, something to improve.

5. New blog design/New name(?).
I'm currently looking to get a new custom-made blog design. So 2015 will probably be the year for that. Also, I've been thinking about changing my blog name, I really like it, but I don't know if its suitable. What do you guys think: should i keep it? do you like it?

6. Use social media more.
Its no secret that social media has been growing over the past couple years and that its a great platform for us bloggers. And I also need to participate in #bbloggers chat and other chats on twitter. I'd also like to make blogger friends! :)

7. Followers/Views/Posts.
GFC: 300 followers
Bloglovin: 500 followers
Twitter: 800 followers
Overall views: 30,000
Overall posts: 100 ++

Hope you keep reading my blog in 2015! If you ever want to talk to me you can on Twitter (@sparklethiscity) or email me at


Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder | REVIEW

Hi everyone!

Today I will be reviewing the *Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder. I'm gonna start of by saying that I love this product.  Let's see what this finely milled, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, no-scent and transparent setting powder is all about!

Color/texture: This setting powder is a universal shade (invisible once applied) - can be used by any skin tones. It has a micro fine texture.

Results: Gives a matte/natural finish - made my skin looking flawless and it also leaves your skin super soft. Since using this setting powder, I have noticed a difference with my skin - it has been looking better! It is also a long lasting powder.

Also, it includes a powder puff which works great! This powder is very gentle and lightweight so its great for sensitive skin. I love the fact that its not cake at all and very natural. This product will last you for a long time cause theres a lot of products and you really don't need a lot.

If you're interested in checking out this product, you can go on Escentual by clicking here. have a sale going on now - save 15% off of everything on their site! So don't miss that! It ends on the 12th of January.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Kylie Jenner lipstick ft. MAC cosmetics

As you all know there's plenty of lips products that are rumoured to be what Kylie Jenner uses. After asking the lady at the MAC counter she told me that Kylie was using is the MAC lip pencil in Whirl and the MAC lipstick in Brave.

This mauve nude lip combo has taken over Youtube/blogging community and it's not hard to understand as it's the perfect everyday wear, but with a different twist, 90s vibe.

This is a universal lipliner that can be used with a lot of colours. It's a pinkish brown / nude / mauve.  Your lips will look bigger / fuller. I am not one to usually wear lipliner cause I didn't really understand why I should use it, but this made me realize that I need to use lip liners more! This will make the lipstick last longer - also, you can slightly over line your lips if you want more of that Kylie Jenner look.

A pink/mauve/beige satin lipstick / slightly matte without being dry. For a matte lipstick it's very comfortable on the lips. Natural and great for everyday wear.  It's like a my lips but better. One of my all time favourite lipstick that I will repurchase as soon as I run out! It last a few hours - very easy to apply.

SWATCHES -- first: mac lipliner whirl second: mac lipstick brave

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas tag // 2014

I love Christmas so why not do a Christmas tag!?! Let's go!

Favourite Christmas film?
I have so many! I loveee Christmas movies. I love Grinch, Elf, Jingle all the way, Christmas with the Kranks, Home Alone and soooo much more! And there's a lot that I want to watch as well :)

Do you open your presents on Christmas eve or Christmas morning?
Christmas eve!

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
So many! 

Favourite festive food?
Hard to decide. Pies, broccoli salad, cheese, candy cane, Terry's chocolate orange, pasta salad, etc...

Favourite Christmas gift?
I can't decide. I had so many lovely gifts.

Favourite Christmas scent?
Peppermint, candy cane, mint. Love love love anything that has a minty smell.

Christmas eve traditions?
Wake up, big breakfast usually and then normally we open up our stocking stuffers and then our presents. Then, we go at our grandma for a Christmas supper/open our gifts around midnight :)

What tops your tree?
A star

As a kid what was one of the crazy thing you asked for buy never received?
Moon shoes!

What’s one of the best things about Christmas for you?
Family time. The spirit of the holidays. Eating good food. Drinking. Laughing. Giving and receiving gift. The feeling of it all. 

I tag anyone that wants to do this...  Merry Christmas everyone! Have lovely holidays xxxx

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EOS Visibly Soft // Vanilla Mint + Coconut Milk

Today I will be talking about the new EOS visibly soft (vanilla mint + coconut milk).

To start off, how adorable are packaging? I feel like they are actually easier to hold with this packaging. The colours, design are absolutely on point.

I am an EOS lover, I use them all the time, have them everywhere. So I'm always excited when they have new products. So for the difference between the original and these I would say is that they go on smoother and have a slightly different texture. I also feel like they last longer. Also they are easier to apply.

The smell are more on the sweet side and subtle. 
Vanilla Mint:  Smells minty with a subtle hint of vanilla - my favourite!
Coconut Milk: Milky coconut fragrance

Overall, I think they are great products: goes on smoother, easier to apply, great smell, cute packaging... what's not to love?

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