Tuesday, August 4, 2015

To Do in August.

Hi everyone!

Already August? Where did the Summer even go? I feel like it only started 2 days ago, haha! Here, we haven't been granted with our usual summer weather for June & July; which is kinda sad. August, we're counting on you!

1. Work more on my blog. Wether, it be posting, taking pictures, using social media, etc...

2.  Exercise + take walks. I really would like to workout atleast 3-4 times, and try to take a walk mostly everyday!

3.  Eat more healthy. Cause Pinterest. There's tons of interesting recipes I need to make.

4. Go to beach & pool. Need I say more?

5. Go to the cinema & bowling.

6. Take more photos, up my photography game, for my blog & Instagram too!

7. Read books & magazines.

8. Tan. I need it!

9. Go on a road trip.

10. Go see a concert.

11. Play beer pong. Cause Summer?

12. Get a new hair cut + get my ombre hair again!

13. Do a water fight.

14. Do a fire. Smores though!

15. Go out with friends.

16. Organize my room.

17. Do tye dye shirts.

- What do you want to do in August?

Caroline x


  1. That's a nice list ! I wish I could do that this August ha !


    1. thanks! i hope i get the time to do everything haha


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