Sunday, December 22, 2013

Revlon Parfumerie Nailpolish | Wintermint

Hi! LONG time no talk! Wow! I'm super sorry but I have been way too busy to blog or to even think about it! I've missed it so much. In 2014, even if I don't have time to blog I will MAKE the time to blog. :)

So I'm coming back with a review of my favorite nailpolish at the moment which is from the new Revlon Parfumerie collection in Wintermint. Revlon's Parfumerie are scented nailpolishes (and might I add, super cute bottles).

Wintermint immediately caught my eyes as it seems hugely familiar to deborah lipmann's Mermaid Dream. As the bottle is super cute, I was kinda worried about the application since the top is small. But to my surprise, it was really easy to work with. The color is very unique; it's like a seafoam/minty with blue glitters and small gold glitters with a matte finish.

The polish is super easy to work with. After 3 coats, the color was opaque.

For the scented part: it will only smell after your nails are completly dry. This one smells like mint!! Yummy! It doesn't last more than two days though. (sadly)

Overall, it's a great nail polish that smells nice, classy packaging and is very similar to Mermaid Dream by deborah lipmann.

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  1. i think the packaging is really cute too!it totally looks like a little perfume bottle!i have yet to try these polishes out:)xx


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