Friday, February 28, 2014

NARS blush in Amour

Hi! Long time no talk! Today I will be reviewing my first NARS blush!! The one I bought is Amour which is a darkened pink-tinted coral. There is no shimmer; it's a matte finish and it's a very natural color.

It is super pigmented, so be sure to apply it lightly. But overall, it's easy to work with cause it's a fine powder. Amour really gives you a radiant/glowy look - love it! It stays on all day as well.

As all the other NARS' packaging - it's gorgeous. Only thing is that it gets messy easily.

Here's a swatch of Amour:

Overall, it's a great blush - worth the price tag! If you're looking for a blush that will make you look radiant - I highly recommend this one. I see this blush as being a permanent item for me in my collection :) And I will surely expand my collection of NARS' blushes! 

What's your favorite NARS blushes?

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  1. Such a pretty colour! I am yet to own a NARS blush, but have only heard good things about them!
    Great post :)


    1. yes it is - its a great blush! thankyou ellie xxxx

  2. Oooo that is lovely! I hear so much about the 'Orgasm' blusher that it is nice to read about a different one reviewed :) x

    1. thats right! i really want that one but i just wanted something more natural for now!


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