Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October Goals

Autumn is one of my favorite season. October is one of my favorite month as well; there's just something magical about it. Autumn means: cute clothes (I love the fashion in Autumn)., apple picking, hot chocolate, dark nail polish, leaves are changing colors, walks in the wood, cozy night in watching Netflix... I mean, the list could go on...

New seasons always inspire me. So, what are some of my goals for October? Well let's see...

  • Exercise/Discover new recipes/Eat more healthy/Go to the gym.
  • Blog more.
  • Start dancing again, I miss it so much!
  • Take beautiful photographies of this wonderful season.
  • Try to find a great skincare routine.
  • Take cozy nights in and watch movies/tv shows on Netflix, while drinking a hot chocolate! Total relaxation. ;) 
  • Start taking long walks in the neighbourhood on lovely afternoons/evenings.
  • Work on a new project of mine!
  • Read more.

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