Thursday, January 3, 2013

few updates.

hi everyone! first of all, i want to say: happy new year! i hope 2013 brings everything you've ever dreamed of! let's make this year our year. i've only started blogging a few months ago, and i'm excited to see what 2013 will bring with my blog. i haven't been posting alot because i've been so busy with everything. i hope you understand. but i have alot of ideas for posts and i will try to post them as soon as possible. since i have a lot of updates to tell you guys i think it's appropriate to make a post about.

first off, i have a new design for my blog, as i'm new with all this i'm not the best but i will improve in 2013 (hopefully)... please tell me what you think? and what can i improve?

number 2, i now have an email for my blog:

so yup, this is what i've been wanting to tell you/update you guys on! i'm excited to blog alot in 2013! so get ready, 2013. ;)

and i have a question for you long-time blogger: is there a way to know when someone replies to your comment?

OH and btw, i don't know if you've noticed that this post has no capital letters, it's because i always write in small letters and this isn't an usual post, i love it waaaay more. but i feel like it's more appropriate for a blog to have capitals.. i would like to get you guys opinions on this? thank youuu xx


  1. Hi Caroline! I haven't been blogging for very long either but here's a little feedback:

    1. Blog design - I think simple is best! Maybe making the area with your posts a teensy bit wider would be great :)
    2. small letters, BIG letters. it doesnt really matter to me. It's your blog. So do what you'd like. Definitely makes your blog a little different if you write in all small :)
    3. No idea how to check back for comment replies, I just go back to that blogger's post.

    Hope this helps! xx

    1. awh thank you so much. i truly appreciate the feedback. as i'm new i have no idea on how to make the place where i post wider? :S

    2. Go to your Dashboard to the left of "View Blog" click the button with the down arrow for "more options". Select "Layout" from the drop down list. Click "Template Designer" towards the top right corner. It's pretty easy from there. Hope that helps.

    3. thank you so much! it worked. :) xx


i appreciate having feedback. i also love receiving suggestions for upcoming post so dont be scared to leave some! i try to read and reply to all of my comments, they honestly mean so much to me <3 if you want to email me, you can do so at Xx


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