Monday, February 25, 2013

50 random facts about me

As I am fairly new to blogging I tought that this would be appropriate since you guys don't know that much about me.

1. I'm french, but I've been living in a bilingual town all my life, so I've been surrounded with english all my life.
2. I have been designing my own line of clothing since I was very young and it is one of my biggest dream to actually be a designer.
3. I'm a self-proclaimed shopaholic.
4. I love music so much! I took some guitar class and really liked it, but since I've been so busy with school and stuff, I haven't praticed for like a year, but I plan on getting back to it soon.
5. I'm tall. I'm about 5'8.
6. I have a big BIG obsession with Johnny Depp, I'm so sad he's like 30 years older than me though.
7. I would consider myself an artsy person.
8. I have a huge collection of CD, if I really like the artist/band. I will buy their CD, gotta show them some support you know!
9. I always feel like I'm super busy. I need to take more time to relax and not be stressed out.
10. I have many many many celebrities crush.
11. I am a dreamer.
12. I love milk. Maybe too much.
13. I used to not watch any TV shows, but now I can't stop, I'm addicted.
14. I could eat Subway everyday!
15. I have too many nail polishes.
16. I love NYC.
17. People tend to think I am shy or something, but I am actually the craziest person ever!
18. I used to take alot of photography, but I kinda stopped, but I can't wait to get back into it.
19. I think alot of the past, present and future.
20. When I was younger, I've always wanted to be actress. I mean I would still like it, but as you grow up, reality hits you in the face. And I don't live in a town where those dream could become true, but like I said, I'm a dreamer.
21. I love helping out people.
22. I could be friends with everyone, cause I feel like I have so many interests.
23. I love reading magazines.
24. I wish I had a nice singing voice, I never really practiced. But if I did have a great voice, doing shows and stuff would be something I would love to do.
25. Apart from my blog, I always write in small letter, no capital letter. I've been doing it for like years, I feel like it's so me. But on here, I feel like I'd be the only who'd write in only small letter.
26. I love cheese. It's like the best thing in the world.
27. I love doing lists for everything: what I need to buy, movies to watch, books to read and etc...
28. I love travelling.
29. I hate my food touching on a plate.
30. I love reading, but I never get around to doing it.
31. My birthday is the 1st of february! (Same as Harry Styles and Lauren Conrad)
32. I love concerts, can't get enough.
33. I've always wanted to visit Egypt
34. I love organizing everything.
35. I love guys who play guitar.
36. I love decorating my room.
37. I have an obsession with makeup.
38. I love the smell of fuel and sharpies.
39. I have so much makeup that I feel bad if I'm staying at home and not using any of it.
40. I never complain about being bored.
41. I love Starbucks, but I live in a town with none.
42. I love watching youtube videos!
43. I don't trust mant people.
44. I love people watching.
45. Either I reply super fast to a test or like 5 hours later, there's not in-between.
46. I love hitting pan on my products.
47. I'm having a hard time thinking about facts about me... haha
48. I love making people feel good.
49. I'm honest.
50. I hate the fact that I will have to put < br > in from of every number now... I think that it's so annoying that we have to do that < p > , < b > and all that. So annoying. I am annoyed easily.
hope you enjoyed xxx


  1. Lol I love the smell of gas and sharpies too. I love the squeaky sound sharipies make too.


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