Sunday, November 16, 2014


Deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life at 18 or even 21 without actually working in that field is the most difficult thing ever. Especially for us, I feel like we are the generation that are in the evolution of careers and all that. With technology there is so much more possibility and our interest are really different for most parts. Most young people these days, won't stay at the same place for all their career. That's simply the truth.

I feel like we take too much of our time thinking about the future when we should be thinking about the present. Deciding what you want to do can't be chosen in a year while you have no experience in the real world.

Think about what you TRULY love, don't try to impress anyone with having a certain title. Don't take a course just because you feel like people will be impress with what you are doing.

Don't think about how being successful depends on how much you're making or what title you have. Being successful depends on waking up each day and wanting to actually want to go to work. No need for 3 coffees. 

If you work hard enough at what you actually really love, you'll be happier and that is being a successful person to me, not a title of a job can actually do that.

If you feel like there is nothing for you out there, build your own job; it might be hard and time consuming at first but it will be so worth!

It's okay to change what you want your career to be, you're always changing - everything happens for a reason. 

So many feels...

Just remember that no matter what you do in the future, if you work hard enough and have a job that makes you happy - nothing else matters xo

Don't forget to live in the present to do what you love and it will all work out.

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