Saturday, November 15, 2014

The 1989 Inspired ''Ask anything'' tag

I've been a Swiftie for as long as I can remember. I've seen Taylor Swift in concert during her Fearless tour a few years ago and it was one of the best day ever! Taylor has influenced me alot; I took guitar classes, started writing my own songs, her style has also inspired me and the way she carries herself! So it's only normal that I do this tag aha!


1. Welcome to New York. If you could live in any city, which would it be and why?
New York! haha!

2. Blank Space. What is something that everyone thinks is true about you but is actually false?
That I'm shy... Most people that say that don't even take the time to talk to me? So I can't understand how they'd say I'm shy. I might not be the greatest conversation starter but if you start a great conversation and you are interesting I will surely join in and have many, many things to say... People that I'm close to know that I'm not shy ahah so yeah! Very annoying when people say that; you have no idea!

3. Style. What is one item in your closet that makes you feel unstoppable?
Not one thing in particular, but when I find things that goes together perfectly to create an amazing outfit.

4. Out of the Woods. What is one thing that you're afraid of?
I can't think of one thing right now, but I sure am afraid of some things...

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay. Who is someone you wish was still in your life?
Some people.

6. Shake It Off. What is something you have had to shake off?
What people say. Ignore them. They don't know any better and have nothing better to do with their time than to gossip all day; please go back on the couch and watch TV. And stop making the world a negative place. Thank you. 

7. I Wish You Would. What is something you'd like to happen right now?
That I didn't have to sleep and that I could work more on more on my blog. Just more time in general for everything...

8. Bad Blood. Have you ever had someone stab you in the back?
Not really - I don't do to people what I don't want them to do to me. And even if they tried, I simply don't even have the time to deal with that!! 

9. Wildest Dreams. What would you like to be remembered for?
Woah, good question! Not really sure...  

10. How You Get The Girl. What is your favourite pick-up line?
I don't have one

11. This Love. What is something you got back that you never thought you would?
Not sure 

12. I Know Places. Where is one place you always feel safe?

13. Clean. What is an important lesson you have learned in life, and how did you learn it?
Everything happens for a reason.

I tag you!

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