Sunday, May 31, 2015

10 facts about me

1 - My first language is french. But I lived in a bilingual city my whole life.

2 - I'm someone that loves many things. I love writing, photography, graphic design, reading, camping, travelling, beauty, fashion, makeup, magazines, dancing, guitar, summer, blogging, movies, ... I could go on and on actually.

3 - I really want to live in a big city one day!

4 - One of my biggest dream would be to write a book - I don't know about what yet, but I have a few ideas!

5 - I love blogging - I wish I could do it 24/7 but I don't really have the time. The dream would be to have it as a part time or full time job, or anything related to that.

6 - The music I like goes from Panic! At the Disco to John Mayer to Lana Del Rey to Foo Fighters to Taylor Swift.

7 - I love sushi.

8 - I love going to concerts - I could go to concerts, all the time.

9 - I never get bored.

10 - I took dancing class before, but I stopped, and I regret it so much!


  1. Great facts! I too would love to write a book one day <3

    1. thank you - ahh it would be amazing, right? hopefully it happens for both of us :) xx


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