Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The eyeshadow junkie tag

  1. What is your favourite drugstore line of eyeshadow?
  2. Probably Wet N' Wild
  3. What is your favourite eyeshadow primer?
  4. Urban Decay Primer Potion
  5. What is your first ever eyeshadow purchase and do you still use it?
  6. I can't remember. But I remember buying a Covergirl eyeshadow palette in ''Shimering sands'', it was really popular and I still use it! 
  7. What is the best eyeshadow dupe you found?
  8. I don't really look for dupes.
  9. Which is the most underrated eyeshadow?
  10. A lot.
  11. What are your favourite single shadows?
  12. Covergirl in Taupe
  13. What is your favourite cream eyeshadow?
  14. Maybelline Color Tattoo & MAC's paint pot
  15. What is your favourite neutral eyeshadow?
  16. Naked palette & Stila In The Light palette
  17. What is your favourite coloured eyeshadow?
  18. Greens, Purples, Corals...
  19. What is the best eyeshadow palette ever?
  20. Naked palettes - I never get tired of using it, so many looks you can do with it too!
Btw, getting my new laptop soon - can't wait to have a computer that actually works well and that I can blog more as well x

- Caroline xo

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