Saturday, April 30, 2016

MAC satin lipstick ''Verve''

Hi everyone!

Today I'll be reviewing my latest MAC lipstick: Verve!  This dark nude berry mauve and brownish pink lipstick is perfect for someone that likes wearing dark colours but still keep low-key.  It is vampy yet neutral, if that makes any sense.

As always, I love the vanilla cupcake scent that all MAC lipsticks has... So yummy! (for some reason, I feel like the smell is stronger with Verve!)

The staying power of this lipstick is great and is very easy to work with.. although you might need lip liner if you want to be more precise as its really pigmented.

The texture is ultra creamy. It is also very pigmented.

Overall, such a pretty colour that I adore... this might be my new holy grail! Xx

-Caroline xo

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