Saturday, April 30, 2016


Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately... But I have good reasons: I have been busy AND my Macbook pro hasn't been working well... Everything is very slow to load takes about 15-30 minutes. Sometimes it closes randomly, I'm not sure why; I have only had this Macbook pro laptop for about a year. I used to have PCs... Has anyone ever had this problem? If so, please tell me what you did!! I would like to get it fixed soon professionally but the Apple Store is like 3 hours away. This is the second time I have to fix my Macbook... kinda sad.

So I might just get a new PC this month, so I can finally go on my laptop without waiting forever and always crashing on me!

Do you have suggestions for affordables PC's? :)

I'm going to Ottawa this month, so I'll get my laptop after my trip!

Anyways I'm really forward to getting a new laptop! :) So I can blog more as well!!

- Caroline xo

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