Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Happiness Tag

1. What food makes you happy?
Sushi & cheese

2. What movie makes you happy?
 Chick flick's

3. What song makes you happy?
Lots of them!

4. What item of clothing makes you happy?
Yoga pants, so comfy! And I love finding amazing shirts :)

5. What's you happiest memory?
Probably going to New York! Hopefully I go again soon! Oh, and seeing Taylor Swift <3 p="">

6. What beauty product makes you happy?
Right now, my Too Faced chocolate palette (it smells like chocolate, I mean, come on?) and there's a lot of pretty looks you can do with it. Also, I'm in love with my new perfume, Ari by Ariana Grande - the smell puts me in a great mood! :)

7. What do you do to make yourself feel happier when your down?
Listen to some good music, and just relax.

8. List 3 random things that make you happy...
Makeup, Sushi, Travelling

I tag everyone! :)

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