Friday, August 29, 2014

Blogging tips | Time management

To start off, I'm truly not the best at managing time. With college/school, work and blogging, days seem to never have enough hours. So here are some of my tips that I have found over my time of blogging that has helped me a bit!

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| Keep a notebook for your blog |
Go to like Walmart and buy yourself a super cute notebook and write down blog posts ideas. Always keep it close cause you never know when you might have an amazing blog post ideas. Put a heart or a star next to the blog post ideas, you really want to write next to keep track.

| Try reading blog posts everyday |
If you don't, you'll end up like me having to catch on 500 blog posts to read, kinda overwhelming, right? Reading blog post everyday will help lower that amount of having too much to read and not enough time. Reading blog post will also help you with your writing skills and give you inspiration.

| Write posts in advance |
One that is extremly hard for me. I always try to schedule my post but I always want to post it right away so I never have some posts in advance. But, trust me, it's good if you do! I'd say try to always have 3 blog posts ready.

| Take alot of pictures at once |
When you want to take pictures of something for a new blog post you want to post as soon as possible, try to take pictures of your blog posts ideas you have in your notebook. This way when you feel like writing a blog post, you'll have pictures ready!

| Organise your computer folders |
When you're a beauty blogger, you always end up with 1000 pictures of beauty products and it can be hard to always take the time to organise them. I'm not the best at this too. But I really need to try. You're gonna save so much time instead of looking for pictures.

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