Thursday, August 14, 2014

I made a Pinterest for my blog! + Update

Well, just a short post to let you know that I made a Pinterest for my blog. Where I'll be uploading pictures from new blog posts and pinning pretty things. Pinterest is just amazing - I love it.

So, hope to see you there! Leave me your Pinterest username in the comments and I might follow you!

My Pinterest link is:

Visit sparkle this city's profile on Pinterest.


UPDATE: I know I haven't been blogging alot lately, but I have been so busy. Lately, I've been having a bit more time to work on my blog and stuff, try/experiment with new products which I'm so about. I have way more time to stay informed on what is going on in the beauty world/community by reading blogs/watching Youtube videos, keeping up with my social media which all makes me very happy! I'm happy that I finally have some time to work on what I adore! If you have any suggestion for blog post, please let me know in the comments cause I can never have too much ideas.

I'm so happy to be finally back and I can't wait to see what's next :) xx

Another thing is that I need a new blog design, any suggestions on who I should contact? One last question: should I change my blog name? I really need answers! Thanks xx

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i appreciate having feedback. i also love receiving suggestions for upcoming post so dont be scared to leave some! i try to read and reply to all of my comments, they honestly mean so much to me <3 if you want to email me, you can do so at Xx


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