Monday, December 10, 2012

Bath & Body Works: Vanilla Beam Noel

I've had this in my B&BW haul! And I think this WONDERFUL smell needs its own review. I don't even remember the last time a smell had me in such a good mood. It is so conforting; and like, cozy and warm(ish). It's just perfect. I am love with this shower gel and I surely will repurchase more of that bad boy.

On another trip to the mall, I needed to stop at B&BW, and as my obsession with this smell grew stronger, it only felt right to pick up this body spray.

Two words: get it.
It will change your life. I basicly want everything to smell like Vanilla Beam Noel, and I surely plan on stocking on that wonderful smell before they go out of stock!!

What's your favorite B&BW holiday products?
C xoxo

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