Thursday, December 13, 2012

Haul: From Christmas shopping to gifts to myself

I have alot of haul lately. Mainly because, 1. I have not been shopping for the past months, 2. When shopping for Christmas for other people, and you see things you've wanted all you can do is buy them and call tell "Gifts to myself". Also, I need more ideas of what kind of blog post to write, since I'm new at this. If you ever want to see reviews on certain product or what-so-ever, let me know!
This an imitation of the J. Crew bubble necklace, I bought at Urban Planet for the cost of 7$. What a deal. It's a statement necklace, a pretty colour: pinkish coral. Not sure how to style it, but when I do I'll try and write an article on it.
I was excited for essies new collection, a magnetic one: a first for essie! I have never tried magnetic polishes before, but this one was original, a snake print. As I said I tried it for this first today, and I had really hard time trying to figure it out: my magnet got all messy with polish (I hope I can fix it!) If you don't mess it up like me, I would say it works fine and give a pretty design. I will try to fix it, if I can't then the color itself is pretty, it's a beautiful metalic red in the shade sssssexy.
I've been wanting to try this product for a while. After hearing so many beauty gurus on youtube raved about it. I've tried it twice and I think I noticed a small difference I would say, so that's a plus! But I can't confirm everything right now, maybe I'll do a review later on.
I saw this purse on the front display at Spring, and I knew I had to get it. For the price of 40$, I think it's really a good-sized purse, alot of space. My only fear is that the studded details looks like they could easily fall out. I hope not.

Well, this is it for my haul, I have much more ideas for article. All I need is time. Hope you all had a wonderful day!! c xoxo

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