Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Being inspired = Being happy

To me, being inspired = being happy. Why you may ask?! Well, if you're inspired in your daily life, you will be more organized, more inspired to work, you'll have more free time to do things you love, inspired to exercise & feel better, cook & eat healthy food, discover new things you like & that can lead to meeting new people, etc...

In life, to be more productive, you have to do something everyday your future self will thank you for later. When you're inspired it will be way easier to make those small step and stay positive in life.

Us, bloggers, as being creatives, our mind is always thinking of something new, need to know new things constantly & always creating content. But if you're not inspired it can be hard to be happy doing so...

With social media it is easy to be easily inspired or easily overwhelmed. You can be inspired just by staying at home... Here's a few tips and tricks for you people...

Music. A big one for me, music is something that will put me in a good mood, which I will feel inspired afterward. I'm pretty much listening to music all time: working on the blog (right now), driving, travelling, getting ready, cleaning, cooking, tanning... the list goes on. There is so much music left to be discovered which makes me happy and kinda scared.

Discovering. As I said theres so many new songs you have never heard which is kinda overwhelming right? But what also makes me happy is when I re-listen to old bands I used to adore and they made new songs. (like The Sheepdogs)

  Also, discovering new things: new restaurants, trying new things, finding a tv show you like, a new blog, a cool Instagram...
  Trying new hair styles (lately I've tried the half bun, which I actually really like on me), trying new makeup looks and having people complimenting you on it.

Meeting new people. Meeting new people is great, but when you have similar interests and feel like you could easily become best friend with someone, it's the best feeling.

Social media. In this day and age, social media is a big part of our life. In general, it is very inspiring to look through an amazing Instagram & get inspired from it... Learn new things on Twitter... Wanting to do a recipe on Pinterest...

Going outside. The nature is a beautiful place to be inspired. Take daily walks in the nature and see how much better you'll feel after a few days.

Read. Read, read, read. Learn new things. Learn about things that's even out of your interest. Read to learn new things.

Creating. Write, paint, draw, do that DIY on Pinterest. Take time to create something.

Hope you enjoyed this somewhat different kind of post. Let me know what makes you inspired & happy! X

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