Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bloggers are...

On a normal, late (way too late) night, I got an idea for post. I thought: why not talk about things that bloggers do that go unnoticed. Being a blogger takes a lot of time, dedication, etc etc and I feel like people that don't blog have no idea. Blogging is a full time job in itself and as you will see, with many titles...

| Writer | 
Obviously, writing blog posts. I always had passion for writing. I feel like I'm constantly evolving and finding my own style of writing.

| Photographer | 
As a blogger you need to take pictures of products you're gonna review, outfits, random things, places you're going, food, etc... Also taking pictures for products can be stressful when it's not like you want. You need to set up the background, perfect lightning...

| Editor | 
Most of the time you'll need to edit your photo.

| Product reviewer/tester | 
Truly trying a product is important to your readers, cause they trust your words for it.

| Social media manager | 
Managing social media can get quite overwhelming as there's always something to do. Social media and blogging are BFF. Your blog needs social media - wether its Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc...

| Manager/organiser |
On top of everything you need, to schedule, find ideas for post, organize everything. Take the decisions for your blog, etc.

| Marketer |
 You're constantly giving your opinions, suggesting products to your readers.

| Researcher |
 Being a blogger also means you always have to be on top of new releases, what's popular, trends, etc... You're always searching and searching.

Well, hopefully you enjoyed this post. If I forgot anything please tell me and I'll probably add it! :)
Blogging is great and even if it's quite a busy world I enjoy every minute of it - and I actually enjoy all the titles that I mentioned! x

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  1. Great post and loving the advice! Definitely true tbh blogging takes up most of my day! x

    1. thanks! yup - blogging takes a lot of time but is so fun and worth it! Xx

  2. Blogging takes up nearly all my time, I am constantly thinking about my blog throughout the day even on my days off.
    Zeynab xx
    The Beautifully Disastrous

    1. me too! i feel like i could work on it 24/7, there's always something to get done!! i feel like you can always do something to improve everything about your blog as well xxxx

  3. love this idea for a post, really true!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

  4. Great post! I totally agree with you :D




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