Thursday, January 22, 2015

Travel || places I'd love to travel to

I love travelling. I've been missing travelling so much lately, and it made me think of all the places I want to visit. There's so many places I wanna go to! So I thought why not do a post of some of the places I really want to visit one day :)

* California




Obviously, there's more places - but this would have been too long haha! 

All of the images on this post are from Google.

* What places do you want to go ?! x


  1. Greece and Italy are my must places to travel too! I just can't wait to visit Florence one day! x

  2. AH I love greece so much, what i would give to be in that picture right now! lovely blog :)

  3. Great places and definitely what I would choose too! I'd love to visit Italy and actually going to Greece this year for the first time so can't wait for that!! :D Thanks so much for the comment on my blog <3 xx

  4. Greece is also on my list!!! Santorini looks amazing! I'm in London now, so I'll check that one off your list :)

    1. i know right! aw so jealous :) xx haha enjoy!


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