Monday, July 29, 2013

Rimmel Apocalips: Celestial and Big Bang // Review

Hi lovelies! They are FINALLY available in Canada. I bought products I've been waiting forever to put my hands on the Rimmel Apocalips. I bought two but I want more!! The two I bought are Celestial and Big Bang.

I would describe the Rimmel Apocalips as melted lipstick (feels like a lipgloss, but has the coverage of a lipstick), but Rimmel claims it's the rich colour of a lipstick enhanced by a satin smooth shine & that it's neither a gloss or lipstick. The texture is like a velvety lip cream. The consistency of these products is great, it's super creamy and opaque. Super pigmented and creamy. The application is amazing. No problem at all with stickiness.

The packaging, name, formula and color selection is what made me buy the product! Never judge a book by the cover, they say, but I was pleasantly happy with these product! The smell remind me of cucumbers, it's an okay smell in my opinion.

 The lasting power/color payoff of the Apocalips is amazing! It last a long time. Altough the glossy finish fades away throughout the day the color will last for a while.  What you see in the tube is what you will get on your lips, maybe even a bit more pigmented!!

In my collection of Apocalips at the moment I have two:

A pink mauve which a great neutral/every day/wearable color.

Big Bang
The perfect classic bright red with blue undertones. SUPER pigmented. 

Overall, I can say that I am truly obsessed with Rimmel's Apocalips and that I actually want the whole collection of 8 shades. (wishful thinking) They we're so worth the long wait! I'm super stocked on these little gems! 

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  1. Just got mine as well!! Love them already!

    1. oh really? i really like them, i'm obsessed. i already want more!! ahah X which ones did you get? :)

  2. I need these in my life! I've heard so many amazing reviews on them :) I'm waiting for Shopper's to have a sale on them, but I might just cave and pick some up soon :)


    1. a sale on them would be great hah Xx i literally want them all! :/ ahah!


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