Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Series || Favorite Lipsticks

Hi beauties!

I am so happy that I am finally getting better at organising my time so that I can blog more frequently. :) I hope you are enjoying my more frequent posts.

 That being said, finding new and interesting thing to blog about is getting harder when you blog more I find. So I asked on Twitter: what should be my next blog post? And I got an answer from Ash B @ABeautyMoment saying I should do a post on my Fave Summer Lippies! So I was like that's what I'm gonna do! I've had that idea of doing a Summer Essentials of some sort, so I tought why not do Summer Series? So that's what I'm doing; I hope you'll enjoy my first blog series.

So this might seem like a big amount of lipsticks for just one blog post. But I had a hard time to limit myself and not picking like 30 lipsticks product instead of just 9. I tried putting just one of different brands (ex. just one Lip Butters, Baby Lips, Vivids) cause it would have been a long, overwhelming post. During the warmer months of the year, I like to wear brighter colors like pinks, coral, oranges, bright fuschias and all that jazz. You know.

From left to right

Revlon Lip Butter Peach Parfait:
 A medium peachy shade with gold glitters. It's a unique color not something you usually find at a drugstore. It's a sheer color, but buildable. Some people don't like glitter in lipstick, and I'm not the biggest fan of that also, although they are noticeable; I still like it. It's one of my most used lipstick, I'm almost out of it and I will surely repurchase! I believe this is the first time I repurchase a lipstick.

Maybelline Color Whisper Coral Ambition:
I love how this a orange coral but not too orange, if that makes any sense. It:'s like a soft peach/pink coral. This is the perfect kind of coral for people that doesn't have the right complexion for coral although it'd suit anyone in my opinion.

Essence Coralize Me!: 
Frosty pink with slight orange/coral undertones. It's not the longest lasting lipstick, but the unique color is what I really love about it! It's actually natural and perfect for the Summertime.

Maybelline Baby Lips Melon Mania:
In the tube, it looks like it'd be a bright pink, but it doesn't appear like that on the lips. It leaves a very, very sheer pink on the lips. Even if it's sheer it's smooth and comfortable on the lips but not tacky or greasy. Leaves glossy finish which I really like. Baby Lips are the perfect lip product for Summer, I could of included all my collection but that would have been too much, but I do have a review on my collection here.

Revlon Pink In The Afternoon:
Medium pink with hint of peach/coral. (From this post, I think it's obvious that I'm a big fan of anything coral) One of my all time favorite lipstick of all time. This is a pink that would suit all the skin complexion. It's super pigmented and creamy. The name reminded the song Nine In The Afternoon by one of my favorite band of all-time, Panic at the Disco! :) It's the perfect color for everyday!

Buxom Creamsicle:
 A beautiful peach sorbet color. When applied on the lips it has tingling sensation with a smell of mint! Super pigmented, not sticky. It has a great staying power as well.

Revlon Coral Reef:
A milky orangey coral lipgloss. Super smooth and not that sticky. Semi opaque. Great lipgloss for Summer!

Covergirl Berry Twist:
Bright pink-berry shade. I don't know how to explain this but it's not really sheer while still being a bright color that you could wear everyday! So if you want to have a bright wearable color during the day, I highly suggest you this one.

Maybelline Pink Pop: 
Bright pink with purple undertones. Reminds me of bubblegum, ahah! It's the perfect lipstick for a Summer night out down town. The formula is really high quality. The pigmentation is amazing as well.

Well there you go, my first post of my Summer Series, please do let me know if you enjoy those kind of posts! :)

What's your favorite lip product for this Summer? xo

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  1. Cool! I do enjoy a good series. Love all your picks. I tend to gravitate towards the same shades as well. They're just so pretty and fun, especially for summer! :)

  2. I love all the shades you picked! I really like the Maybelline vivids too! And I want melon mania so badly. I ran out of mine a few weeks ago, but haven't been able to find it again. I hate that they're limited edition!

    1. thanks! yeah it's annoying when it's a limited edition product that you really like!

  3. I love that stila palette , and im so jelous of any one with baby lips because the dont sell it in irelnd :( your blog is great , id love if we both followed eachother?,Let me know if you would like too:)x

    1. same for me! awh that's kinda sad! thanks xx


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