Monday, August 5, 2013

15 things that I'm looking forward in August

Hi everyone!

Today's post will be quite different from what I usually post. I will be telling you about 15 things that I'm looking forward to in August. Although I'm quite sad that this is basically the last month of Summer there's alot of stuff that I'm looking forward too. As I haven't had the chance to enjoy the Summer months this year as I've been working alot I plan on making the most out of August...

001. Majorly catch up with the sun and get a decent tan before September.
002. Get some stuff ready for College in September.
003. Go to a concert.
004. Go to the beach for the first time this Summer.
005. Catch up with some friends.
006. Read a book just for fun.
007. Go on a roadtrip, see different stuff and have a big shopping spree.
008. Start exercising again, eating healthy and take alot of walk.
009. Blog alot more, achieve my goals with my blog.
010. Get back into the things that I love and neglected over the past few years.
011. Catch up on my TV shows/watch more movies.
012. Have a major clean-up in my room.
013. Try to find more time for myself and relaxation.
014. Do a bonfire by the beach.
015. Try to use alot of beauty products to buy new ones.


  1. I hope you have a chance to do all of the things you want to!! It looks likes you are going to have a busy month!!

  2. This list matches my mental list of what I want to do! You've also made me want to do a couple of other things :)

    Rose xo


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