Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Products I regret buying

I think it's great to have good review on our blogs. But it's also important to inform our readers what we don't really like. And that's what I'm doing today.

First off, the least that I'm trying to do is give those brands a bad reputation. They are all great brands that I support and some of them are my favorite brands! The products that I'm featuring might be a favorite for you, makeup doesn't always work the same way for everyone. Might not work for me, but might work for you. :)

SWATCHES, From left to right starting with Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer to a few swatches of Physicians Formula Casual Palette.

1. Lise Watier Magnifix Make-Up Fixative with White Tea
This makeup fixative just doesn't work for my skin. After applying my makeup I spray this on my face and it gives my skin the sensation that it's burning or something, very not pleasant. The other day, it had contact with my eyes; my eyes got so teary that all my eye makeup was practically ruined and I was in a rush so I had to fix it pretty quick!! It doesn't really remove the powdery effect off of my skin which I want I usually buy a make-up fixative for.

2. Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara
This mascara basically did nothing for my eyelashes other than barely add black to my lashes. It doesn't add lenght or volume, just adds color. That's not what I'm looking for in a mascara! Alot of people seem to love this mascara...  I can't see why. The packaging is pretty though, that's the least I can say! Around here, Bourjois is pretty rare to find. So I was super excited to try this mascara. One thing that I do hope is that it hasn't been on the shelf for too long and dried out or something like that...

3. Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer
I always get excited about trying out drugstore primer because they are pretty rare. But my excitement didn't last long. This primer creases like crazy after only a few hours. It looks worst than if I actually had NO primer at all... I do not recommend this product at all.

4. Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in Nude Candy
This color looks super pretty in the tube. But on the lips, not at all. The application is the worst: goes in every lines on your lips and is patchy. Makes me look so dull/sick.  The texture is not interesting at all. The only thing I like about it is the smell.

5. Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in Brilliant Bordeaux
The moment I applied this liquid lipstick I thought this was the best thing ever/best color for me/etc. (and the people that were with me thought so too!) At first the color seems to go on evenly but just wait a few minutes, quickly enough, it dried up and got that splotchy look and wasn't even the same color everywhere (lighter and darker). It's not comfortable on the lips at ALL. It's super sticky! The color is absolutely gorgeous but the texture/application is the WORST ever.

6. Almay Liquid Lip balm in Pink Pout
Not the worst product ever. It's just that I feel like it does nothing for me. The color seemed bright in the packaging but it's very, very, very sheer with almost no effect of a gloss. I didn't notice any improvement with the condition of my lips while using it. But it does have a nice texture and feels comfortable on the lips!

7. Physicians Formula Casual Palette
I was always intrigued by this palette. I tought the colors looked cool together! Aha! So when I got it on sale for about .93cent, I was more than pleased to try it! Most of these eyeshadows are dry, super sheer and chalky. I looked for swatches online and they looked more pigmented than mine! I just hope it wasn't on sale because it has been on the shelf for too long...

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  1. I do love an honest review! I've yet to find an eyeshadow primer that lives up to its claims :(

    I'm your newest follower!

    Jo x

    1. thanks! me too, the rimmel one does not all all...

  2. Shame these products were'nt all that great, it's good to be honest about them x

  3. I love honest reviews! Is really good for readers to know what products to avoid!




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