Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kat Von D Blush in Por Vida

To be honest, this is my first Kat Von D beauty product. The main reason being that I often purchase high-end brands/products that I see alot of reviews on them, cause obviously if I pay the price I want to have a great product! But for this product I bought it just like that, without reading reviews on it or it being on my wishlist, saw the color and it looked like nothing I had so, of course I had to have it! Kat Von D's makeup line seems to be not that popular on blogs/Youtube and I don't understand cause from this product I can say that it's probably a great makeup line!

Some people might think the packaging seems kinda cheap, but I quite like the design and the shape of it. I find the roses on it so cute! hehe!

Really like having a mirror with my blushes as well - very practical. 

This blush color is described as a warm pink which I can say is accurate. But there's also hint of corals - which I adore. This blush has an illuminating/glowing effect which I love. It has a light sheen to it.

 This blush has a great pigmentation, texture and lasting power.

Pigmentation// It's super pigmented so you should be applying it with light hand and don't forget to blend as it's quite blendable.

Texture// The texture is quite soft and easy to work with!

Lasting power// Although it claims to have a 24-hour wear, I can't say whether it's true or not, because I will never wear my blush for 24 hours. But I can say that at the end of the day it fades a bit. 

Overall, I have NOTHING negative to say about this product. I think it's flawless! aha! Great color, pigmentation and easy to work with is all I'm looking for in a blush!! There's seven blushes in this collection and I already want more. I think that this product has me a new fan of Kat Von D's makeup line.

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  1. This looks lovely, I love highly pigmented products. Not sure there is anyone who wears blush for 24 hours?! Strange claim for a company to make haha.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. me too! i know right, i don't see how it could be useful anyways :/ ahah!

  2. great review!

    would you like to follow each other?

    1. thanks! i'll check out your blog xx


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