Friday, August 9, 2013

Random Walmart Haul

You're probably suprised right now. With the fact that I DO buy other things other than makeup/beauty related things. Although they're probably all considered 'beauty' except the CD's/DVD! Aha omg.. Makeup addict probs. But you get what I mean.

For the past few months I've been trying to save because I'm leaving for College in September. I've tried going less to the stores where I can spend too much (like Walmart). But I don't think it was a good idea, because, since I've been going less to the stores, I've been reading alot of blog posts and adding stuff to my 'to-buy list', so the things I want have just increased way moreee! So I don't think it's a good idea to stop buying stop to try to save money. I'm a shopaholic and I don't think there's a cure!!

As you can see, I've bought alot of things! I don't think that you want to hear about everything that isn't beauty related and it would be too much of a long post anyway. So I'll just do a resume about everything.

From left to right, The first thing is Calgon Moisturizing Shower & Foam Bath, which I have no idea why I bought, because I just bought Soap & Glory Foam Call (think I forgot or something), the smell is so wonderful anyways! I bought Listerine Fresh Burst Pocketpacks, those things are like a rectangle of something minty (?) that you put in your mouth and it just melts away and your mouth will feel so refreshed ahah! I used to buy those all the time when I was younger. :) I bought the Scunci Value Pack that comes with 28 elastics and 5 headbands, I bought this cause I needed some simple black headbands and elastics. I've been wanting to see Life of Pi for the longest time, seems like such a wonderful film!

I bought Almay color + care liquid lip balm in Pink Pout. I've seen this Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in Never Fade Jade in an add in a magazine and it looked SO beautiful. I think it will be a great addition to my collection for the summertime and also a great way to colors to my everyday neutral look. :) I've been wanting this CD for quite a while now, I absolutely ADORE Mumford & Sons, this is Babel. Can't wait to listen it! Without thinking, I bought Robin Thicke's album, although I adore Blurred Lines and think it's the song of the summer, I usually never buy a CD to add it to my collection unless I LOVE the band/musician. I haven't heard much about Robin Thicke but I hope his CD won't dissapoint me. Last but not least, I've bought Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover shadow primer which I'm super stocked about because it's pretty rare to find cheap drugstore alternative to high end primer, so hope it's worth it!

Here's a close up of the beauty products I bought. If you want any review on the products I bought please leave in the comments below.
I hope you enjoyed this post that featured more than beauty. Altough I'm obsessed with beauty, I like other things! :) Other than that, I hope you're all having/had a lovely day... here it's been raining all day which is kinda annoying (specially when it's on your day off!) but atleast I did a lil shopping to cheer me up! :) Xx


  1. I want the mumford and sons cd!! Haha.
    I found your intro so funny and relatable. It's true though, sometimes I wonder if people know we don't only buy makeup/clothes.
    Any who! Wish you luck on college!! It's exciting :)
    I just started following you!

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    and my blog

    1. i've been wanting this cd for the longest time, you don't understand ahah! haha glad i could make you laugh! exactly and just because i just post what i bought beauty-wise doesn't mean it's the only thing i bought aha! thanks! xx


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