Thursday, August 15, 2013

Maybelline Fit Me! Shine-Free Foundation

During the summer, I like to do a quick and easy makeup. Because of the weather I prefer to have a very light and simple makeup look.

For me, I feel like one of the most annoying makeup to apply is foundation. You have to be careful with it, make sure you blend it very well and your hands can get messy. Which is really time consuming to me. But with this Maybelline Fit Me! Shine-Free Foundation, it's super easy! It's one of the main thing that I really like about this product how easy is the application. The time for my makeup routine has decreased with this lovely product! Easy to apply, blends very well and no messy hands. Also, it's very light and doesn't feel like you have heavy makeup on!

I have the shade Classic Ivory 120.
I haven't seen anything like this with drugstore makeup. Maybelline seems to be the brand that does what all the other drugstore brands doesn't have and that's why they are one of my favorite drugstore brand. I would say that the cover light-medium, it is buildable. I apply a few streaks on my face and voila! It's very natural and evens out my complexion. 

As it's in a stick form, you'd think that it'd be kind off dry, but it's not dry at all... it's actually very creamy. The name ''shine-free'' is not 100% true as I have seen some oiliness, but don't worry -- nothing major!

Overall, it's a great product. Great for the summer. It's amazing as an ''on the go product''! On the other hand, the packaging is super sleek and convenient, you can easily put it in your purse and basically use it everywhere. Now, I want more sticks foundations! ahah! Xx

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  1. Thanks for this. I'm unsure about getting this because I have a very oily T-zone.

    1. it's mattifying to a certain point. but it can get a bit oily throughout the day, but not that bad! not the same for everyone...

  2. I've been really interested in this foundation! It sounds amazing for Summer :)


  3. Nice review :) But I like the liquid maybelline concealers/foundations better, I feel they have better coverage!

    xx form

    1. thanks! it's sure that liquid foundation has better coverage, but it's a great and convenient product xx


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